Pay Per Print
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If you ever dreamed about someone else taking care of your entire printer fleet, this is the service to make your dreams real!

What are the Full MPS Services?


MPS Stands for Manage Print Services. So the Full MPS Services means that someone else –us- will take care of your entire printer fleet, and manage it according to your requirements. That simple.

Pulsar Technology -Full MPS Services

Whether your printer fleet is new or old, made up of one or many brands or models, in one single location or in cities on many countries, to us it is the same: we can offer you a Full MPS service so that you can forget all about your printing devices.

We can take care of your existing printing fleet, and agree on some basic parameters so that you do not lose control of the printing service to your end-user internal customers. These basic parameters include,

  1. SLAs or Service Level Agreements. We will consider any SLA level that you might need
  2. Measurement of Success. We will help you define success measures, whether end-user internal satisfaction to cost savings objectives
  3. Use or substitute some of you existing suppliers. Based on our experience, some of the existing suppliers (local desktop service providers, etc) might be best to be maintained. If that is the case, we will manage them on your behalf
  4. Pay per Print. The Full MPS Service can result in a pay per page contract, which is the ultimate measurement of adapting the printing infrastructure to the demands of your business. But there are many other ways to contract this service from us.
  5. With or without a technology renewal. We´re not printer manufacturers, and therefore our motivation to replace the existing ones is a pure economic calculation. Part of your existing printer fleet might be the ideal one to maintain for quite some more years! And, whenever you want to replace any or all of them, we will offer you alternatives, including paying for the new ones in the form of pages.

What it takes to start? Basically, your desire to move into this service. We can be available within a couple of days. First, we will help you assess your existing printer fleet at no cost and without any compromise. And after you review our assessment, we can decide on what is the best way to proceed. Always your way, as it is a Full Service!