Servicios de Monitorización
Monitorización de red, Auditoría de red y Consultoría de red.

Your IT Network, like any company´s network, tends to grow randomly in many directions despite any planned growth. It is part of adapting the IT infrastructure to the changing demands of the day to day business. One business group has a legitimate need, and they might add new hardware or software to your network: an exception. Soon another one might do likewise. And before you realize, there are many new, unplanned elements (hardware and software) in your network that you might not control.

After some time, your IT network infrastructure looks very different to what you have in mind. And, furthermore, you might only have an idea about how it is. We at Pulsar Technologies offer you help in the form of performing for you a Network Audit.

Pulsar Technologies offers you to perform an extensive network audit. Our engineers, using our monitoring tools and assessing onsite your infrastructure, will be able to make a complete scan and analysis of the status of your network. It is important: being an outside company has its benefits, as we start from zero with a fresh mind.

After a few days (or weeks depending on your network size), we will generate a complete report on the detailed status of your entire network, detailing:

  • Servers, and their main characteristics
  • Applications
  • Laptops and PCs
  • Communication gear: routers, switches
  • Printers
  • Bandwith
  • Storage devices
  • UPS, backup power sources
  • Any other IT-related equipment (and nowadays, more and more equipment are using one of your IPs, and therefore affecting your network)

We will contrast the above with the inventory that you might have given us at the beginning; you will be quite surprised on the discrepancies!