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What is the Printer Monitoring Service?

monitorizacion impresoras


Often, having different printers, photocopiers and multifunctionals under control is a complex and even tedious task, especially when devices fail or need consumables at the time when we least expect it ...

The monitoring service for printers and other printing devices is a service for your printers to be permanently monitored by Pulsar, so you do not have to worry about them.

You will have the peace of mind that you will receive our proactive alerts that allow you to meet the most frequent needs of printers.

 Through our Monitoring Service you will receive:

  • Alerts in low toner levels on your printer devices.
  • Alerts on low levels of any other supply or parts of your printer devices.
  • Alerts on technical issues detected in your printer devices.
  • All the above alerts will be sent to you, and /or to your suppliers of toner, parts, other supplies, and repair and technical service.
  • Your end-users can also be notified automatically about the replacement of toners or supplies being on their way (to minimize calls to your helpdesk).
  • Detailed monthly reports of the status of your printer fleet, number of actions taken, and printer fleet optimization (the latter ideal for potential cost savings).
  • Monthly actual pages printed by device, department, and optionally by end-user.

The Pulsar MPS Server application is integrated into an "appliance", so it is not necessary to acquire any physical server or additional hardware: "plug & play" solution.

What is Pulsar MPxP Software?

It is a complete service management application for the printing of
fleets including the different modalities
of payment for use:
payment per page, payment per cartridge, etc.

mpxp software

The Pulsar MPxP application, developed by Pulsar since the end of the 2000, allows any printing service provider to manage thousands of printers located anywhere in the world.

Among the main features we highlight:

  • Daily monitoring of all printers and photocopiers
  • Automated reception of toner, parts, or technical service needs alerts
  • Automated shipment of supplies
  • Automatic generation of usage reports, print cost savings reports, and improvement opportunities
  • Automatic monthly generation of invoices for use by printer, cost center, customer, etc. differentiating printed pages A3 and A4, color and black and white, etc.
  • Graphical visualization of printing costs
  • Remote access via web available for service customers
  • Full-Time availability to be able to give a customer service in real time
  • Hundreds of monitorizable printers
  • Multi-brand application
  • Management of multiple suppliers, customers.