Pay Per Print
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contrato servicios ppp

The tendency to enjoy services allows the client to have the necessary information to make optimal decisions.

This type of pay-per-use services is a market trend, your expenses will be distributed over the time of the devices' life cycle; Few devices allow a clearer and more practical application than printing equipment, since the unit of use is evident and totally controllable by the customer: the printed pages.

For a system to optimize the use of the printing fleet and multifunctional equipment to be effective, it must be proactive and dynamic: that is, that it foresees as many management actions as possible to execute them automatically, and that it is capable of changing its configuration according to the use that the equipment has throughout its useful life. The constant monitoring that we provide with our own technology, and the continuous analysis of the data through our management platform, allows us to know the adequacy of the equipment not only to the current needs but also to the evolution of the same.

 The contract includes services such us (installation, training, audit and printing consultancy, preventive maintenance and repairs ...) and equipment of different brands and manufacturers (monitoring devices, printers or multifunctional for technological renovation, accessories ... ) or consumables (of different brands indistinctly, or even of white mark) according to the needs of the client or his strategic decisions, Pulsar Technologies being the perfect partner for its coordination and start-up