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Frequently asked questions about our printing services


Definitely. The majority of Pulsar's customers are SMEs with only one or two printing devices (printers or multifunctional).

If they are models less than three years old, it is possible to incorporate them into the service. However, it is very possible that it will be cheaper to replace them with new models. We will explore both alternatives.

The most frequent type is a single contract that groups the renting of the equipment with the payment service per page, paying only depending on the pages that print). All inclusive. Without more costs. Usually for the machine we will present a contract for a financial company (renting company), and Pulsar will invoice the service.

Alternatively, there is a contract which we only charge you for the management, monitoring and consumables service by invoicing the pages, as you acqure the printer directly.

We have a catalog of equipment from different brands among the best on the market (HP, Lexmark, etc.) with A3 and A4 paper format options, color or b/w, multifunctional, etc.

Generally yes, it is an alternative that the renting company usually offers. And you can maintain the monitoring, management and consumables service with Pulsar, paying only for the pages you print.

Through a small software called DCA ("Data Collector Agent") that is installed on any PC of your company, and transmits the use of printers. Its installation takes no more than ten minutes.

Perfectly. Your company has access to the web of the printing service, which can facilitate your service provider to assist you in printing issues. And we can adjust the monitoring tool so that technical alerts about printers, etc. can arrive directly.