Pay Per Print
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As one of the main characteristics of our services, the proposed measures for the economic optimization of the printing environment are not theoretical but can be contracted to be billed based on the actual use of the equipment, also measured proactively without interfering with its operation.

ahorro de costes ppp

During the service contract, typical administrative tasks related to printing will be automated:

  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Detecting the need for consumables
  • Your purchase and advance supply
  • Detection of breakdowns and disconnections and their notification...

This will reduce the indirect costs drastically, but also our systems optimize both the rationality in the use of the equipment itself and the satisfaction of its users and the hidden costs involved, avoiding or significantly reducing:

  • The dissatisfaction of users who overuse a printer, having to perform paper reloads and toner changes too often, and suffer slower printing speeds as a result.
  • The increase in the number of failures of the overused printer.
  • The waste of the possible best cost per page of the underutilized printers.
  • Printer stop times due to the lack of detection of lack of supplies or due to the need to diagnose technical incidents.

A fundamental aid provided by this optimization system is referred to the management of the obsolescence of the printing fleet; regardless of the number of technical incidents they cause, the good prices of consumables negotiated over time, etc., obsolete printers will most likely have printing costs significantly higher than current printers in their range, taking into account the price of market and duration of the toner, the system of parts / kits and the price of troubleshooting or maintenance contracts.