Printing Services
Pay per Print, Printer Monitoring, Full MPS Services, Printing Consultancy

If you have always been interested in knowing the cost of your printed pages or copies and you want to hire a printing service with a specific cost per page, we propose you to combine different models, and include all the management of the equipment (the devices, its installation, consumables, maintenance, analysis of its use...)

Pay per Print is the service that suits you.

pay per print 1

Pay per Print

Pay per print is an optimized set
of services for companies of all sizes,
from small ones to large corporations.

pay per print 2

The processes to be implemented, that will make the customer free of managing almost any need from printers and photocopiers, are based on Pulsar Technologies’ experience on this kind of equipment and its maintenance, as well as Pulsar’s capacity to monitor the status and usage data when they are network connected.

You will get the constant analysis of the technological leverage, economic performance and end-user satisfaction of this equipment.

Our independence, both from printers manufacturers and from hardware purchase processes, makes us able to offer ourselves as the ideal printing management partner at any moment: after a purchase, during the evaluation of maintenance contracts and warranty extensions…our services will always be useful to you.