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What are the Full MPS Services?

servicios full mps


MPS means Managed Print Services. Therefore, the term means that we will take over your entire printing and we will manage it according to your instructions.

We offer you a Complete MPS Service so you can manage your printing devices.

It does not matter if your fleet is new or not, composed of one or several brands and models, in an office or geographically dispersed (including abroad).

We take charge of your current printing fleet, and we agree with you. some basic parameters so that you have everything under control, being able to adequately respond to your internal clients.


These basic parameters include:

  • SLAs or Service Level Agreements. We will consider any SLA level that you might need
  • Measurement of Success. We will help you define success measures, whether end-user internal satisfaction to cost savings objectives
  • Use or substitute some of your existing suppliers. Based on our experience, some of the existing suppliers (local desktop service providers, etc) might be best to be maintained. If that is the case, we will manage them on your behalf
  • Pay per Print. The Full MPS Service can result in a pay per page contract, which is the ultimate measurement of adapting the printing infrastructure to the demands of your business. But there are many other ways to contract this service from us.
  • With or without a technology renewal. We´re not printer manufacturers, and therefore our motivation to replace the existing ones is a pure economic calculation. Part of your existing printer fleet might be ideal to maintain for some more years, and, whenever you want to replace any or all of them, we will offer you alternatives, such us payment for page.

We will carry out an analysis of your printing fleet installation and its use, without cost or commitment. After you analyze our study, we can decide together what is best suited for your needs and requirements.