It is a comprehensive hardware-software system designed for monitoring computer networks.

VIGIA V.5 is a fully automated application that captures monitoring and usage data, and constantly updates your network, hosts, equipment and apps status.
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 PULSAR TECHNOLOGIES maintains the evolutions of our products and services in the professional automated network monitoring area. Following our adherence to OPEN SOURCE software tools, of which we will highlight NAGIOS, we have just launched our newest version VIGIA v.5

As a natural evolution of our products, PULSAR TECHNOLOGIES has evolved and improved our professional monitoring tool VIGIA v.5 to give it more capabilities and higher performance, and above all the availability and use through the Cloud.


What are VIGIA v.5 main characteristics?

  • It is a 100% cloud-based product
  • It updates all the OPEN SOURCE base software components (Nagios, etc.).
  • New graphs reading system using the data directly collected from the plugins and form the VIGIA probes.
  • New reporting tools to calculate and display the availability of systems.
  • Users can manage lists to visualize the hosts and hosts groups that they want.
  • Easy user management and access lists to view the hosts or group of hosts.
  • More intuitive and friendly look.
  • Automated management of IP changes in the monitored hosts.

The information provided by VIGIA v.5 is segmented and can be prioritized based on monitoring needs; that way you can exactly see what is of interest to you. Domain statistics tools are included both at the extranet and the intranet levels.


Consola Principal vigia 5

(Image of the customized Main Console)