Monitoring Services
Network Monitoring, Network Audit and Network Consultancy.

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tarta vigiaPulsar Technologies offers different monitoring services adapted to your needs.

Thanks to our R & D department, we are constantly developing new monitoring tools and alerts, so we can even carry out specific programming for your specific systems or programs.

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Without using any kind of agents, the installation is very easy. Since it analyzes the network "traps" in a "sniffer" mode, it also analyzes the MIB tables of the equipment through the latest version of the SNMP protocol and does not cause problems arising from the installation.

Within the different services to be monitored, PULSAR TECHNOLOGIES offers different modalities:

  • Monitoring of network infrastructure.
  • Monitoring of computers and servers status (SUN, AS-400, Windows, Linux, Mac, etc).
  • Printers status, their consumption, prevention of Technical Service and replacement in payment for use mode.
  • Monitoring of the traffic generated by users at different levels (IP, Ports, protocols, etc.)
  • Monitoring of web sites and their statistics.
  • Monitoring of VPN's, either by IPsec or MPLS.
  • Integration with VmWare MIB and HyperV MS.
  • Network analysis based on NTOP for self-discovery.
  • Integration with LDAP / Active Directory.
  • Alerts on the system to be monitored by mail and / or SMS.
  • Monitoring equipment in different formats according to the needs.
  • Integration with Cisco NetFlow protocol and syslog collector.
  • Customizable visualization map based on NagVis.

PULSAR TECHNOLOGIES continues with its research and development of new monitoring services. The current version of the product is VIGIA 4.1.

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