Monitoring Services
Network Monitoring, Network Audit and Network Consultancy.

What is a Network Monitoring Service?

monitorizacion red

You have many monitoring services to help you with your daily activities: your home alarm system, the elevator you take to go to your office, even the traffic signs! There are lots of monitoring services so that you do not have to be distracted, while an angel eye ensures that life goes on.

Similarly, you can ask Pulsar Technologies to provide your company with a Network Monitoring Service. And what you get is:

  • Once defined, a 24x7 watchful eye on your critical IT appliances, business processes, and applications.
  • Receive alerts whenever any component of your IT network is performing below your predefined requirements, or not working at all.
  • Receive periodic reports on the overall performance of your IT infrastructure (great to review your suppliers and their committed SLAs).
  • Pulsar will also give you suggestions on improvements, cost savings, and bottlenecks within your IT infrastructure.
  • Track trends, analysis of your communications bandwith.

You will not have to worry about your business or other competencies. Pulsar will take care of your network monitoring charging you a small monthly fee. And that is all!

What is VIGIA?

logo-vigia4-0The hardware is based on a built-in system that maintains the compatibility with the architecture It is integrated in its interior, such as a GSM system in the case of consulting notifications via SMS.

In the following diagram you can see a list of software components that VIGIA integrates according to each logical block that implement the final functionalities.


It is a comprehensive hardware-software system
for monitoring computer networks
with a high communication capacity,
sending and management of alarms
and reporting.