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Designed for the SMB market, the MPS Server solution gives easy access to user accountability of pages printed, and the setup of printing policies. It is a new, easy to use solution of very low cost.

Pulsar Technologies announced today the launching of its new user-accounting application named MPS Server® V 1.0, a complete printer server with full acountability of pages printed by user. It allows to set up simple printing rules such as maximum pages, color/b&w pages, print budgets per user, and so on that is reflected into cost savings for companies. And it is idependent of manufacturer or model.

LeasyPrint Iberica, as it already did LeasyPrint Netherlands B.V., have selected and installed Pulsar Technologies´ MPS Fleet Management Application to monitor and manage their printer devices and customers.

Both companies, LeasyPrint Iberica and LeasyPrint Netherlands B.V. are active in the MPS ("Managed Print Services") area for HP products in the Belgium, Dutch, Spain and Portuguese markets. Both companies manage a large portfolio of printing devices, to whom monitoring is key to proactively send consumables, technical service, usage reports, costs-savings reports, or just to be able to invoice real pages printed at month-end.

As part of its international expansion, Pulsar has created Pulsar Technologies Portugal to provide full MPS and monitoring services to its Portuguese customers.

To lead Pulsar Technologies Portugal, Pulsar has recruited Victor Fortunato, based in Lisbon (Portugal).

During the past year 2011 Pulsar Technologies has increased 17% the total number of printing devices of any kind directly monitored.

The fleet of  printers, multifunctionals, and printing devices of any kind directly managed by Pulsar Technologies has grown to more than 5.400 units at the end of 2011. It compares with less than 5.000 devices at  the beginning of the same year, showing the wide acceptance in the market of the MPS and monitoring solutions that Pulsar has developed.

Starting today, Pulsar is starting the service to communicate news to its web readers in English, as the success of the Spanish pages has shown us.

Since summer 2011, Pulsar is maintaining a News service on its Corporate web page in Spanish. As more than half of the business of Pulsar is in countries other than Spain, we want to start today (9.01.2012) to provide our international readers with news in English.

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