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Pulsar Technologies´ software already monitors more than 100.000 terabytes from customers all over the world.

Pulsar Technologies has just reached a new milestone: our software for monitoring storage usage has exceeded the 100.000 terabytes.

Pulsar systems and applications, widely used by our customers and partners in several countries, have already monitored more than a billion printed pages.

It was in fall 2000 when Pulsar started to monitor and count printed pages in a single printer. By then we could not foresee the success of our technologies in the marketplace. After twelve years, the number of printed pages monitored exceed the amount of  a (US) billion pages!

Pulsar Technologies and Plus Energy lead the way in providing monitoring solutions that help you cut costs, reduce complexity, and increase performance for both physical and virtual environments.

Pulsar Technologies is a service company set up in June 2000, and that it has developed its own monitoring and logic-software technology. We have many international patents, all related to monitoring devices, and algorithms for the automated interpretation of all the monitored data, whether they are related to printing or network.

By taking part of the recently formed "European Independent  Alliance", Pulsar becomes a greater supplier of printing services all over Europe.

Last July 4th and 5th, it was set up in the Netherlands the "European Independent MPS Providers Alliance", with Pulsar Technologies as one of the founding companies representing the markets of Spain and Portugal.

Pulsar Technologies and Ubiquitech, a printing solutions software developer, have signed a Strategic Alliance

Under the Strategic Alliance just signed, Pulsar becomes Ubiquitech´s Sales and Technical support for the markets of Spain and Portugal.