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Pulsar Technologies will welcome 2013 with a new logo, more simple yet modern.

As part of a deep renewal of its corporate image, and as part of the total update of its technology developments, Pulsar Technologies will start 2013 with a new logo. The new logo shows the more modern and practical, easy to go image of the company, simulating the arms of a pulsar spiral, a star that emits energy pulses at regular intervals. The colors of the new logo are black and the ever-present orange, that reflects the vitality of an expanding company.

CPC, a leading Portuguese distributor of MPS and printing solutions, has just successfully started to use Pulsar's MPxP application for printer fleet management.

CPC is a well known firm, market leader in the Portuguese market, and with a vast experience in MPS contracts. In order to efficiently manage its growing number of MPS contract, CPC has evaluated the different alternatives available in the marketplace, and finally it has chosen Pulsar´s MPxP.

Many people may think that MPS is only efficient for large and medium sized companies. In fact, MPS is a service developed for all company sizes. It can even be more efficient for smaller companies to use MPS, than for the medium and large sized companies. The small businesses may be the ones that benefit more because of their lower profit margin in contrast to their overhead. When they can save costs on printing services this may result in a higher efficiency than in a larger company with a much higher profit margin.

Today, an increasingly used term in businesses is MPS which stands for Management Print Services. This increase is partly due to the fact that for any business in any economy cost saving is becoming increasingly important, especially looking at today's global economy which is still in a recession. What is so important to know about MPS that, to date not yet everyone knows about this subject. In many respects this is primarily the cost savings.

MPS (management print services) should not be limited only on reducing costs but also on optimizing your business and increasing productivity.

The system "Pay per Print" of PULSAR Technologies is much more than just a program in which companies pay for pages printed. As a professional response to the needs of corporate printing, PULSAR Technologies services create value and go far beyond simple cost savings.