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Both technology companies, active in the MPS market, join forces in offering a complete suite of products for the MPS market.

Pulsar Technologies is speaking at this year´s edition of JetAdvice Summit. The event will take place on the 10th and 11th of June in theme park Tivoli, right in the heart of Copenhagen.

Pulsar Technologies will be represented in Copenhagen with a 1 hour presentation, given by our CEO José Luis Parga, about the collaboration with JetAdvice in MPS Contract Management.

Located close to Portugal's capital Lisbon, we have found the ideal location for our affiliate. Taguspark – Park of Science and Technology is located in the municipality of Oeiras, Greater Lisbon.

TagusparkThe new location has been chosen as the ideal place for Pulsar to serve the Portuguese market. Taguspark hosts several research and development labs, innovative startups and business incubators in the fields of information technologies, telecommunications, electronics, materials, production, energy, environment, biotechnologies and fine chemistry.


As one of the early adaptors of the tiny, yet powerful computer, Pulsar is very excited with the Raspberry Pi´s global success.

Consisting out of a motherboard, memory, connectors and not much else, the Raspberry Pi could be one of the simplest computers on the market. It was British chip architect Ebon Upton´s philosophy to get cheap PCs into the hands of young programmers in the making. But the tiny yet powerful computer caught the interest of programmers worldwide.

“It appears that we´ve gotten to a million units inside our first year,” says Upton in an article about the Raspberry Pi published in Fortune Magazine.

A new, more advanced version of VIGIA has successfully been implemented.

During the last year Pulsar Technologies finished the implementations of a new, more advanced version of VIGIA at Indra, one of our valued business partners.

The new version of VIGIA that has been implemented is one that adapts a lot more to the partner´s specific needs and wishes. More specifically, it adapts to the monitoring of secure areas and perimeter security tools.