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Vigía is not just a monitoring system. Vigía is a set of custom developed solutions with a monitoring system that already has one of the best reputations of the industry. If we then add flexibility of hardware to that, we will get one of the most robust and customizable solutions that exists in the market nowadays.

Fulfills amply requirements
The use of this tool can be approached from different points of view, although it is mostly used in the deployment phase, in the operational phase and in the proactive or reactive maintenance phase.
As an example of two cases of success within the security market where the number of elements to be monitored is considerably high and the additional functionalities requested where critical, our product amply fulfills the requirements.

At the beginning of 2013 Pulsar Technologies and Telecor started collaborating. Both companies are completely sure that this collaboration is the beginning of a new lucrative and successful project. So far the experience has been excellent.

About Telecor
Telecor is a commercial network of telecommunication shops that offers mobile phones, laptops, tablets, pc´s and printers. They focus on both the business to business market and the business to consumer market. At the moment Telecor has more than 200 establishments throughout Spain.

Pulsar Technologies will be present at the coming Photizo´s London 2013 Conference. Jose Luis Parga, CEO, will be having a presentation under the topic "Making Money in the Paperless Office", where he will show Pulsar´s ample experience in printing and storage costs, and their convergence towards MDS or Managed Document Services

Both technology companies, active in the MPS market, join forces in offering a complete suite of products for the MPS market.

Pulsar Technologies is speaking at this year´s edition of JetAdvice Summit. The event will take place on the 10th and 11th of June in theme park Tivoli, right in the heart of Copenhagen.

Pulsar Technologies will be represented in Copenhagen with a 1 hour presentation, given by our CEO José Luis Parga, about the collaboration with JetAdvice in MPS Contract Management.