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lanzamiento vigia v5Pulsar Technologies announces the launch of the new, highly improved version of our network ad IT equipment monitor named VIGIA. This new launched version, VIGIA v.5.1, is a software tool specifically designed for the SMB IT environment.

Among its multiple functionalities we will highlight:

  • Constant monitoring of the IT infrastructure, servers, desktops, network equipment, communications, processes and software
  • Alerts via email of the events beyond threshold limits that the administrator configures
  • Different types of alerts, different recipients
  • Performance analysis, bottlenecks detection, potential problems and hazards detection
  • All kind of reports, historical performance of the IT infrastructure

Pulsar adds to its existing portfolio of Business Solutions the service of the entire management of their IT Infrastructure, specially aimed for Small and Medium Businesses.

Are you concerned that your Business depends more and more on technology? And that the technology is working properly (eCommerce, web pages, business applications)? Do you have the adequate and sufficient technical staff to face the growing demands of the future?

Our technical Department can take over the monitoring and management of your IT Infrastructure, for a monthly fee known in advance. Our monitoring consoles and VIGIA applications can watch and predict major incidences of your IT systems.

September, 2015

During the first eight months of 2015, Pulsar has helped its partners add more than 100 new end user MPS contracts.

Pulsar growth in helping its partners develop their MPS business continues at a steady, fast rate during the first eight months of 2015. A total of 102 new MPS contracts have been signed by the end of August. These contracts, ranging from as low as 1 machine to several dozens within the same customer, are full MPS printing outsourcing contracts.

Ontario, CanadaPrintFleet Inc., a global leader in managed print software (MPS) and data-driven solutions, announced today that Pulsar Technology S.A., headquartered in Madrid, Spain, is joining its rapidly growing family of PrintFleet LINK™ enabled solution partners for the imaging industry.

Pulsar’s New Service Package (NPS) is a real usage-based contract management solution that provides value for imaging resellers and their customers by reducing the risks typically associated with traditional systems using minimum print volumes. The Pulsar NPS solution, currently available in several countries in Europe, is powered by PrintFleet’s accurate and reliable device data collection and optimization, using robust web services. Any PrintFleet Vision™ or Enterprise™ customer can now easily benefit from Pulsar’s NPS solution through PrintFleet LINK™.

We are proud to announce the 15th Anniversary of Pulsar Technologies! In June 2000 when Pulsar was established we always wanted to become an international innovative company and now, 15 years later, we can say with proud that we have achieved our goals. From a small talented group of employees we have made it now to approximately 80 employees who operate in different continents such as North Africa, Europe and North America. Nowadays our products and services are provided in almost 12 countries and this will increase in the near future.