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The Quality and Environment Policy of Pulsar Technologies reflects the commitment of the company's top management as well as its values and ethics. This policy is applicable to all those activities, products and services offered by Pulsar Technologies, being reviewed annually and collected in the following principles:

  • Legal and environmental compliance
    Pulsar Technologies complies with current legislation on legal and environmental material, ensuring knowledge and compliance with laws, regulations and other applicable requirements.

  • Reduction of environmental impact
    We are committed to promoting the conservation of natural resources through the efficient use of technology and the optimization of raw materials. In this way, we try to prevent and minimize discharges and emissions as well as maximize recycling, which is one of our main interests.

  • Environmental objectives
    We establish objectives and procedures regularly in order to achieve an improvement in environmental matters. In addition, we consider it vital to share this policy with all our employees as well as with all those involved in the company.

  • Customer satisfaction
    Our priority is to offer the best services and the best quality to satisfy our clients anticipating their future needs.

  • Internal organization
    Not only the management, but each employee of Pulsar is responsible for the continuous improvement of quality processes and their application in their respective field of work.

  • International projection
    We are committed to maintaining the corresponding quality and environmental standards in all the countries in which we operate.

  • Annual audits
    Each year, our Quality and Environmental Management System is reviewed by both internal and external experts as established in ISO 9001: 2008 and 14.001 / 2004 respectively.