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Management of Company


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Pulsar ERP performs all the basic functions needed to manage a company: Invoicing, Sales, Purchases, Taxes, Warehouse, CRM etc.

Pulsar ERP is one of the most powerful products in the market with plenty of modules available for all kinds of business and needs and with more than 5 million users all over the world.

The solution runs in the cloud and grows all along with your company, hence it does not require any initial investment.

PulsarERP's Modules


Controls various warehouses, the inflows and outflows of goods. It calculates the value of the stock, the warehouse rotation and unit costs.


Lists all the issued and delivered Purchase Orders and the process of their authorizations. Displays margins per order and sales per supplier.


Have a fast overview of your clients, sales, placed orders, profitability, invoices and contracts.


(Customer Relationship Management) Manages sales opportunities and sales workflow in a quick and easy manner.


Management and business key indicators as a part of the dashboard.

Users and Preferences

Choose between various types of users and customize the language and currency preferences.

Outsourcing of services on the Management of your Company

composition of pulsar ERP modules roles users

Pulsar can take over all or part of your administrative processes including invoicing, sales, taxes…

We will take care of the migration of your data from your current system to PulsarERP.

We will agree with you the tasks, metrics, guaranteed service standards and deadlines. All of that included in the monthly payment plan.

IT Infrastructure

Network and Systems Monitoring

Vigia is a tool which enhances your system’s performance.

Receive a visual and graphic representation of the status of your systems, equipment and network.

Vigia controls the use of the resources: storage, memory and other components of the IT installation.

Not only it will manage the equipment but also the running processes: file servers, printers, applications, etc.

Managed Services Vigia

Let Pulsar take control over all the elements of your IT infrastructure (servers, communications, etc.) and we will provide the high quality support to all your users.

Apart of this, our experts will design a detailed plan of migration which meets the following objectives:

Converting the IT infrastructure into a service.

Migrating all your current servers and applications to the cloud under a service agreement.

devices connected to the network communicate with vigia through the probe

Printing – Pay Per Use

Printing – Pay Per Use is a service that simplifies printing in your company: the equipment, consumables, printers maintenance and its automatic monitoring. All of this available in the pay-per-use program: Pay only for the printed pages.

Forget about printing, or about storing the toners and other consumables. Leave it to our service. Its automated and professional features will let you save costs.

Pulsar is independent of manufacturers. The service we offer to our clients is always perfectly matched to their needs.

Pay per Print is a good choice as well for those who do not wish to invest in a new printing fleet. Pulsar can adapt to your current environment and situation.

Discover what is the real cost of printing in your company and with our help reduce it by increasing the level of the service.

Migration to the Cloud Projects

Pulsar Technologies offers assistance in migrating your IT infrastructure, applications and essential services to the cloud assuring the performance continuity of your business.

Thanks to the cloud migration it is possible to operate anytime and anywhere with a guarantee to have all information with its corresponding back-up on hand. The migration service is supported by one of the leading international companies of cloud services.

Pay-Per-Use Systems Management

Pulsar Technologies has an experience of working with big companies who entrusted us the design and development of pay-per-use software and hardware programs.

We are experts in collection of usage data and its secure transfer. The information gathered is processed with the aim to ensure the correct calculation the usage invoicing of the hardware and software. Systems created in Pulsar Technologies can generate alerts facilitating a proactive service.

Improvement/Efficiency of Business(IOT)

Devices Sensors - Actuators

Your business has physical points which could become subject of the motorization and to be controlled by devices or probes. Pulsar Technologies can design and create them, based on open-source standards available on the market.

We are able to design and adapt to your business any sensor: starting from light and temperature, going through humidity and movement and ending up with presence and CO2 and air quality.

Take control over the sensors allowing different ways of communication.

Customized Projects

Pulsar Technologies develops tailor-made projects specific to your company. There is no need to adapt your organization to the software.

In Pulsar we believe that each business is different; a single solution to a common problem is not always appropriate to all companies. The best approach is to adapt projects to the needs of each business, not vice versa.

Tailored-made projects don't have to be expensive It is more important to prepare the requirements carefully and then adapt the existing standard solution.

Data Storage

Well applied and analyzed data is crucial factor of all successful companies. Pulsar Technologies can create solutions for storage and data analysis for your business which converts data into information necessary for making the right decisions.

We advocate for the storage on the cloud with the highest reliability and security levels. We push in your behalf solutions which ensure the high availability of your data.

Data Analysis

Data is a basic component that with the help of proper analysis and developed algorithms can be converted into useful information to your company.

Through many years Pulsar Technologies analysis and converts the data into actions and right decisions. Let us demonstrate you how.


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