MPxP Software

What is Pulsar MPxP Software?

Pulsar MPxP is a complete printer fleet management application that covers any flavor, including pay per use, pay per page, pay per cartridge, etc.

Pulsar MPxP Application has been developed by Pulsar since the end of the year 2000. It allows any Managed Print Service (MPS) provider to manage thousands of printers located anywhere in the globe in a fully automated way. Among its many functionalities we would like to mention:

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  • Daily monitoring of all printers and photocopiers
  • Automated reception and generation of any toner or pieces needs, technical service needs reports,
  • Automated shipment of consumables Automated report generation: usage reports, cost savings reports, improvement opportunities reports
  • Automated monthly generation of usage invoices per printer, cost center, and customer, separating b&w from color pages, A3 from A4, all with different prices
  • Graphical display of printing costs
  • Web access to data for end user customers
  • Full accessibility to use the application on a help desk environment to answer any customer question
  • Hundreds of printer models supported
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  • Multi-vendor application
  • The application manages multiple suppliers, customers, partners.

Pulsar MPxP application is specially designed for printer manufacturers, distributors, and service integrators that want to offer a modern proactive MPS service to their customers of any size, regardless of manufacturer, model, age, location, or an existing printer portfolio.

Pulsar provides the full delivery and installation of the MPxP application, its training, and the technical assistance needed to maximize its usage. Additionally, our new developments are periodically updating the application to adapt it to market changes, and adding new functionalities available to our customers.

Pulsar MPxP application is available both as a license sale and under a SaaS agreement, where the license user can pay for it as it reaps the monthly benefits of its usage.

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